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United Kingdom

The 2020 Vision Project

Welcome to the 2020 Vision Project

We have a collective of 100 UK portrait photographers

who are creating a visual commemoration of our national healthcare workers, reflecting their dedication throughout the

COVID-19 pandemic.

Each photographer is using their skills to capture the person behind the mask to express the human story. All photographs are taken outside of healthcare environments, in UK locations or photographic studios.

Together the project is creating powerful visual stories to share with the world as a tribute to our healthcare workers. 

Together we share a vision!


26-27th SEPT





The 2020 Vision Project

What we have been facing

COVID-19 – a pandemic that has altered our way of living and highlighted the necessity for our national healthcare system and the workers within.


This has been a time our healthcare professionals have been  faced with a very different kind of battle on our behalf.


Together we have faced the possibility of losing those closest to us, our families, our friends, our neighbours; whilst those on the frontline risk their own safety for the sake of others.


The 2020 Vision project allows us to celebrate the most precious gift we have in society, the gift of life and give thanks to those who are protecting ours.

The Project

Our collective of 100 talented portrait photographers across UK are connecting with NHS and healthcare workers to book in and take photos in their own unique visual style.


To collate and curate photographs and deliver these visual stories through nationwide exhibitions for the nation to view.

Our Vision

Watch our short film, made by our collaborative photographers, sharing what this vision is exactly, and the light and hope that we aim to bring to the nation.

Film Production by Edit Sweet Ltd



© 2020 Vision Project

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2020 Vision Project is supported by Horizon, a charitable constitution

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