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Jessica Milburn, ITU Nurse

Nationwide Tribute to Healthcare Workers

 2020 Vision Project is a collective of UK portrait photographers who have been creating a visual and historic tribute to nationwide

healthcare workers. 


With visual stories from each photographer, we reflect dedication, resilience, teamwork and extraordinary patient care, throughout the

COVID-19 pandemic.

Each photographer has shared their skills to capture portraits of the person, behind the mask to express the human story.


Each healthcare worker has been photographed outside of healthcare environments across the UK.  

Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered our way of living. The impact of this has highlighted the necessity for our healthcare workers.


Across the world, healthcare professionals have been faced with the most challenging times that they have ever experienced. They have been risking their own safety for the sake of society.


Through the 2020 Vision Project, we give our thanks to healthcare workers who have been protecting us. We have been doing this with beautiful portrait photography across the nation by portrait photographers. 

Since September 2020 we have been exhibiting this work

across the nation.

A short film, made by our collaborative photographers.

Videos by Edit Sweet Ltd

© 2020 Vision Project

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